A Very Special Picnic
Written by Dina Anastasio
Illustrator Tom Leigh
Published 1987
Publisher Western Publishing
Series BIG BIRD StoryMagic

A VERY Special Picnic is a 1987 SESAME STREET storybook published by Ideal Toys for the "BIG BIRD StoryMagic" toy set.

In this story, BIG BIRD, OSCAR THE GROUCH, Cookie Monster, Grover & Snuffy set out on a picnic with high hopes... until their bus gets a flat tire! They try to make the best of it, but they soon realize that Grover didnt bring enough play things for most popular sports, BIG BIRD forgot the picnic basket, Snuffy's lemonade jug leaked & Cookie Monster ate all of the cookies! Then, to top it all off, it starts to RAIN! But OSCAR has a blast making MUD pies, & soon, everyone else has fun playing in the MUD too. Then, they swim in a creek in order to clean up, & find some delicious berries on the bushes. They even play some catch with the 1 basketball that Grover has brought. They all go home agreeing that this was the best picnic ever!

CAROLL SPINNEY recorded the voices of BIG BIRD & OSCAR THE GROUCH, & FRANK OZ the voice of Cookie Monster, for the accompanying cassette tape.


The accompanying cassette tape contains 2 songs: "Everything Seems to be Going Wrong" & "A VERY Special Picnic", both written by Dave Conner.

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