Avi Pnini

Avi Pnini

Avi Pnini is an Israeli actor who dubbed OSCAR THE GROUCH on the Hebrew dub of Shalom SESAME, as well as Baby Scooter & Baby Rowlf in the Hebrew dub of Muppet Babies.

Pninis other dub roles include the Scarecrow in the anime version of The Wizard of Oz, DAFFY DUCK in various Looney Tunes projects, PLUCKY DUCK on Tiny Toon Adventures, Gruffi Gummi on The Gummi Bears, the adult version of Babar, & Banzai in The Lion King. On-camera, Pnini played Superintendent Horesh on the soap opera Ramat Aviv Gimmel, & has had small roles in such films as The Ambassador (1984, with Robert Mitchum) & Moments de la vie d'une femme.

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