Kermit the Frog letter B

Kermit lectures about the letter B

B is the 2nd letter of the English alphabet. It was 1 of 2 letters, with W being the other, to sponsor SESAME STREETs 1st movie, Follow That BIRD. The letter B has been a frequent sponsor of since the 6th episode.

The letter B was honored in episode 3942, when BIG BIRD & Mr. Snuffleupagus hosted "The Letter B Show. Highlights included Bob & Baby Bear singing about the letter, & Barkley doing a trick. At the end of the episode, the letter B itself came in by balloon.

An animated letter B appeared in "Letter Song" in Whats the Name of That Song?.

Baby Kermit tried to teach viewers about the letter B in the Muppet Babies episode "Gonzees Playhouse Channel".

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