Burkhard Schmeer in a mirror

Burkhard Schmeer (b. 1964) is a German actor who appeared in a 2011 episode of Ernie & Bert Märchensongs as the magic mirror inSnow White. He had previously guest starred on Sesamstrasse in different parts, such as the Grautsch Robot in Folge 2313 (2006).

Schmeer began his career on stage, performing in Hamburg theaters, & since 1993 has acted every season at Theater Lüneburg. On television, he was a regular on the family/police drama Da kommt Kalle, as father Stefan Andresen (2007 - 2011) & on Hallo Robbie, about a sea lion, as policeman Grausch (2001 - 2006). He has made appearances on Tatort, Bella Block, & Der Landarzt. As a voice actor, he dubbed parts in McLeod's Daughters, Dance Academy, & the cartoon Sherlock Yak.

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