2538 i
Written by Mark Saltzman
Date 1989
Publisher SESAME STREET, Inc.
1st EPISODE 2538

"Dear Old GROUCHYtown" is a SESAME STREET song written by Mark Saltzman, sung by some of OSCAR THE GROUCHs GROUCH friends from GROUCHYtown.

OSCAR tells the GROUCHketeers at home that hes expecting visitors today. These are GROUCHES from GROUCHYtown who have never once, been anywhere else. UNfortunately, most of the things the GROUCHYtowners see are things GROUCHES HATE.

Later that day, as OSCAR & the GROUCHYtowners reconvene, WORBY complains he's really sick of being patted on the head, & he wishes he was back in GROUCHYtown. VELMA & OTTO are homesick too, & the 3 sing "Dear Old GROUCHYtown". A sympathetic OSCAR agrees to end the tour & take them to the bus stop.



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