Diva Garbagedump
DEBUT 2017

Diva GARBAGEdump is a GROUCH who appears in a series of SESAME STREET YouTube videos, "The Real GROUCHES of SESAME STREET."

She stars in the faux-realityseries, alongside OSCAR THE GROUCH, GRUNDGETTA & Grover (the token "cute one"). She is described as being a "TRASH-digger" & agrees with that monicker. The videos show her entrepreneurship, as owner of the trendy club "Fur" (with Waiter Grover at her employ) & author of the best-selling book, Cooking from the CAN. Also on display is her vanity, as evidenced by the fact that the other GROUCHES hold a talent show each year for the sole purpose of making her the center of attention.

She is always seen with her pet dog (preformed by Frankie Cordero)[1], who is never named in the videos, but is affectionately referred to as "Lintball".

She is a parody of Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who has often brought her dogs on the show.



  1. Personal communication by Anthony T.

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