SCRAM-I-Am, star of Dr. Sewage's book

ROTTEN Eggs & Jam
DEBUT 2007 (mentioned)

Dr. Sewage is a GROUCH storybook writer, a spoof of the late, but great storybook writer Theodor Geisel, who is very famously known as Dr. Suess.

1 of Sewage's most popular books is a story called ROTTEN Eggs & Jam, a story from the GROUCHY Stories GROUCH storybook. ROTTEN Eggs & Jam is a parody of the Dr. Suess book "GREEN Eggs & Ham".

The closing scene of episode 4135 of SESAME STREET features Oscar reading SLIMEY ROTTEN Eggs & Jam by Dr. Sewage, featuring SCrAM-I-Am & Gordon as a Cat in the Hat-esque character.

The story's main character SCRAM-I-Am speaks in rhyme, explaining his willingness to eat rotten eggs & jam anywhere, even next to "this big guy" (Gordon in Cat in the Hat style headgear). When the big guy spouts off the sponsors, however, he loses his appetite & tosses his meal aside.




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