Plot OSCAR gets a visit from his MOTHER
Air date February 21st, 1992
Season Season 23
Sponsors A, S, 10

3250 c

Picture Segment Description
3250 a
Gina explains MRS. GROUCH, OSCARs mother, will be arriving soon for a visit. She watches as OSCAR makes his TRASH CAN messier for her arrival.
3250 b
Rosita leads a group of kids in a special welcome for MRS. GROUCH when she arrives, carrying signs that read both "WELCOME" & "BIENVENIDA." OSCAR fears this will infuriate his mother & has Maria convince them to stop.
3250 c
SCENE 1 cont'd
Soon enough, GROUCH Air flies over the street, dropping MRS. GROUCH & her luggage onto the ground. She catches sight of some of Rosita’s signs & believes it was OSCAR’s doing. She starts fretting he’s losing his OSCARiness, when Rosita & the kids return with more signs, now reading "GET LOST" & "PIERDETE." MRS. GROUCH finds this much more appropriate.
3250 d
Savion holds a tap lesson nearby & OSCAR tells him to stop, thinking the sound will be too nice while his mother's around. Savion teaches the kids instead how to do an "angry feet" dance. MRS. GROUCH likes what she hears, but is disgusted that OSCAR did such a nice thing for her.
3250 e

3250 f
Snuffy & BIG BIRD take turns imagining what they'll be when they grow up. BIG BIRD is envisioned as a bus driver & Snuffy as an artist (in both fantasies, they silence Gina). Snuffy then decides to imagine how they'll be best friends, even as grown-ups, but BIG BIRD points out they won't need to imagine that.
3250 g
Snuffy & BIG BIRD observe Savion tap-dancing as he does some homework. Since he's a teenager, they wonder what he'll do as a full grown-up. Snuffy imagines him as a tap-dancing postman & BIG BIRD pictures him as a dancing doctor. They start to argue, attracting the attention of Savion, who responds he wants to be a dancer. The friends insist on their ideas & now, the three of them are in an argument.
3250 h

3250 i
OSCAR & his mother have just returned from the store, where MRS. GROUCH has purchased a trick can of candy, where snakes will fly out when opened (her favorite trick). OSCAR doubts anyone will be fooled by that; he's done it 100 times. She tries playing it on Maria, Gina & Savion, who are one step ahead. Roxie Marie happens by & wishes to have some candy. She doesn't get frightened by the snakes & is instead disappointed by the lack of candy. OSCAR points out the trick did make somebody angry - his mother.
3250 j

3250 k
MRS. GROUCH gives her candy trick another try, this time on Rosita. She enjoys the trick instead of being scared. MRS. GROUCH has had it with the street & catches the next flight home (hurled into the sky by FLUFFY). Maria announces the sponsors.


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