Plot SLIMEY competes for the WORM Cup
Air date September 20th, 2007
Season Season 38
Sponsors K, 19
Releases Be a Good Sport


Picture Segment Description
4151 a
"What's the Word on the STREET?" - Apology
4151 b

4151 c

4151 d
Alan invites BIG BIRD into Hooper's Store to watch the WORM Cup games on his TV set. The audience consists of a few kids, & even some WORMS with their own miniature tables & vans. The WORM audience is split into 2 groups: 1 from France, & 1 from the USA. Alan explains to BIG BIRD that the objective of the WORM Cup games is to kick a ball into a cup the most times. WORMS from all over the world are competing for the cup, including SLIMEY, which really gets BIG BIRD’s attention because he loves SLIMEY.
Lotta Chatter

4151 e

4151 f
Alan turns on the TV. The event is hosted by Lotta Chatter, & the 2 finalists are SLIMEY, representing the USA, & Squirmadine, representing France (hence the French WORM audience). Before they begin, Lotta Chatter explains how the game is played, & presents a flashback reel of the past rounds of the game (a lesson in subtraction).
4151 g
Back at Hooper’s Store, BIG BIRD feels uneasy when he notices that the two WORM groups are rooting for one worm contestant each. Alan reassures him that he can root for whatever WORM he wants, so he feels comfortable cheering for SLIMEY.
4151 h

4151 i

4151 j
The game is on! Squirmadine is up for the first kick, which SLIMEY will try to block. SLIMEY fails to keep the ball from going into the cup, which means one point for Squirmadine. SLIMEY then gets his turn, but Squirmadine teases SLIMEY by saying "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!" & laughing in his face. SLIMEY storms off the field & talks to his coach, OSCAR THE GROUCH, who calls a time-out. Squirmadine's coach, Monsieur Depabois, denies OSCAR's accusation, but the teasing was caught on tape, & is shown in an instant replay. The referee lets Squirmadine off with a warning, & OSCAR tells SLIMEY to do his personal WORM best.
4151 k

4151 l

4151 m
It's SLIMEY’s turn. He kicks the ball, & it goes directly into the cup, which means he & Squirmadine are tied. Squirmadine gets his turn again, & SLIMEY blocks the ball from going into the cup! Alan feels sympathetic towards the disappointed French WORMS: "Tough break, guys."
4151 n

4151 o
It's SLIMEY’s turn again. He uses his scrunch-kick to launch the ball, & it lands in the cup! SLIMEY has won the WORM Cup - or has he? The ball suddenly bounces out of the cup (a first in WORM Cup history)! By now, Alan & BIG BIRD are caught up in the game, shouting at the TV. The bounce is shown again in an instant replay.
4151 p

4151 q
SLIMEY feels really sad about coming within a ball's kick of winning this year's cup. To make matters worse, Squirmadine continues to tease SLIMEY. SLIMEY gets so angry, he crawls over to Squirmadine, & uses physical assault on him! SLIMEY’s fans are astonished - this doesn't sound at all like the WORM they know & love. OSCAR denies Monsieur Depabois's accusation but SLIMEY's assault is shown again in an instant replay, & the referee kicks SLIMEY out of the game, making Squirmadine the winner by default.
4151 r

4151 s
OSCAR talks to SLIMEY about what he did. He explains that no matter how angry you get, it's better to use your words than to use physical assault - "This is the WORM Cup, not the GROUCH Cup.". In a bold move of sportsWORMship, the rivals apologize to each other, & hug.
4151 t

4151 u
Alan wishes he could see this historic event up close, & BIG BIRD points out that they can - they're only a stone's throw away from OSCAR’s TRASH CAN! They wave to the worms, who agree to share the cup. Lotta Chatter signs off, & the GROUCH coaches argue lightly.
Assis Debout
"Assis, Debout"
Alain Le Lait, Songs for Teaching
Celeb Ann Curry
Ann Curry apologizes for not knowing how to explain what an apology is.
Red Brown Apology
2 clay cavemen play with blocks together, until Red gets hurt, & holds a grudge against Brown. As Red sleeps, it becomes chilly & windy, so Brown covers him up with a blanket. The 2 are friends again.
4134 z
The Letter of the Day - K
Cookie Monster teaches Prairie Dawn a new K word, "Kowabunga".
3979 z d a
Ornate Ks fly through the air to a song.
"K" for king, kiss & key
Global Grover France
Global Grover: Grover visits Paris, France, where he learns how to shop for food at a French market.
4124 z
Healthy food song: Broccoli
4126 y
Elmo, Zoe, Telly, & Baby Bear prepare to chase a cheese. A sportscaster asks them why they chase the cheese, & they all have different answers. They agree that exercise is fun, & it makes you healthy & strong. But what does the cheese have to say? "You can't catch me!" Now the chase is on! The runners all have fun going after the cheese, but they have just as much fun when the cheese goes after them! Elmo invites the sportscaster to join them.
4134 z f
"Get On Up & Move Your Body"
3983 c
The Number of the Day - A Muppet 19 shows up after learning that the number of the day is 19.
19 pigs
19 pigs!
Flying 19
Ornate 19s fly through the air, & collections of 19 objects are found throughout a yard.
4151 Abby's Friends 1

4151 Abby's Friends 2

4151 Abby's Friends 3
Abby Cadabby made three new friends today. Can you guess who they are? One of them clucks, the second one has strings, & the third one loves to dance...
4072 k
Kids talk about making friends.
Elmo's World

Elmo's World Games
Elmos World - Games
Trash Gordon (Planet Conga Line) 1
The Adventures of Trash Gordon:
Chapter 538
Trash is stuck on the Planet Conga Line & is unable to stop dancing...until he changes the Conga Liners' radio station.



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