Filthomena (niece)

& her mother
DEBUT 1989

FILTHOMENA is OSCAR THE GROUCHs young niece, a GROUCH baby. Her mother has been shown once, but never her father. Whether she is the daughter of OSCARs brother ERNEST is unknown. This younger FILTHOMENA also appears in From TRASH to Treasure (1993).

In a SESAME STREET 1989 book, When OSCAR Was a Little GROUCH, OSCAR is seen babysitting FILTHOMENA.

OSCARs friend FILTHOMENA is, obviously, a GROUCH girl who attends OSCARs annual GROUCH Reunion in the 1989 book Whats in OSCARs TRASH CAN? & Other Good-Night Stories. She also swims in OSCARs pool at the reunion with GRUNDGETTA, Oswaldo & FLUFFY.



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