Plot The JUNK fairy
Air date 2006
Season 33
Folge 2330

Picture Segment Description
Folge 2330 1
RUMPEL is admiring the JUNK garden around his BARREL, however Nils doesn’t exactly agree with him on that. They then hear a loud scream. It turns out that the scream comes from a JUNK fairy, who has decided to spend the night in RUMPEL’s JUNK garden. RUMPEL gets excited, & Nils tries to calm RUMPEL down by saying they will find a way to get rid of her. However RUMPEL’s happy with her being there as it’s a honor for a GROUCH to have a JUNK fairy living in their JUNK garden. However there’s room for improvement in RUMPEL’s JUNK garden the fairy notice a big screws laying nicely in a box, RUMPEL quickly empties it out. Nils quickly says goodnight & leaves.
Ernie & Bert clean the toy box
Ernie has an important note for Bert, but he can't find it. He looks through the TRASH CAN for it, & finds the note, which is a reminder that it is Bert’s day to clean the apartment.
Folge 2330 2
1 of the things do not belong here.
Folge 2330 3
RUMPEL is starting to get annoyed by the fairy, she is quite loud. Nils comes & asks if RUMPEL can tell the fairy to be quiet, he can't sleep when she's yelling. Just then the fairy notice a shining trey, RUMPEL quickly covers it with dust.
Folge 2330 4
Two kids collect some of their old toys and sells it at a fleamarket.
3959 d
Grover asks Elmo to help him remember part of the alphabet. Elmo gets all the way to Y, but Grover at least knows the letter Z.
Folge 2330 5
A group of kids make a big "Z".
Folge 2330 6
RUMPEL’s working hard to keep the fairy happy, he’s making sure that all his JUNK’s dirty & he’s getting tired of it. However just as RUMPEL have complained about the hard work to Nils, the fairy awards RUMPEL with 1 out of 5 points for having a good JUNK garden. RUMPEL doesn't get to celebrate for long, the fairy has found some old hubcaps that could be a little more rustier & the fairy has decided that she will stay for another night. RUMPEL’s unsure what he thinks about it, Nils tries to convince RUMPEL that now that he had gotten 1 JUNK point, they should try & get rid of the fairy. Nils tries to be nice towards the fairy & asks her politely to leave, however she likes the place to much to leave, but it could do with some good GROUCHY music. Nils gets a cassette player & plays a quiet little song, but the player eats the tape & the fairy likes that GROUCHY sound.
Folge 2330 7
Kids play music while cleaning using the vacuum cleaner hose, broom, dustpan & rags.
Folge 2330 8
Cowboy Wolle will attempt to capture a wild horse with his lasso. But cowboy Wolle has problems with his aim & ends up capturing himself.
Folge 2330 9
A clay animation story about a mob, & how it likes to paint w/ water on the tile floor, instead of cleaning.
Hair Brush
The Cereal Girl sings about her missing "Hair Brush".
Folge 2330 10
Nils suggest that RUMPEL should be nice, maybe then she would leave, RUMPEL objects at first, but decide that it is worth a try. Nils & RUMPEL then tries to pretend to be nice to each other, but RUMPEL's having difficulties with it & it ends up in a argument that the fairy enjoys.
Folge 2330 11
Tim takes kids shopping for potatoes so they can make mashed potatoes
Folge 2330 12
While the JUNK fairy sleeps, Nils has convinced RUMPEL that in order to get rid of her they need to clean up all the JUNK, then there would be no reason for her to be there anymore, so they clean everything up. Nils then wakes her, she screams right after she notice that all the JUNK are gone, & she decides that she need to get away from Sesamstrasse in a hurry. Both Nils & RUMPEL’s very happy, until Nils says that now it will be nice & quite on the street. RUMPEL then realizes what they have done, they have cleaned up the area around his BARREL, & he quickly starts to do something about it by throwing JUNK around.

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