Plot The doubling machine
Air date November 2nd, 2008
Season 35
Folge 2455 1

Picture Segment Description
Folge 2375 5
Cold Opening
Bert, in soccer gear, asks Ernie why he's wearing his ice hockey outfit, since they are about to be going to a soccer match. Ernie replies that there can only be 1 answer to that: they will now be going to an ice hockey match, & much to Bert’s dismay, he’ll have to change clothes.
Sesamstrasse intro
Folge 2455 2
RUMPEL is putting the final touches on the new machine that he has built after the blue print his great-great-grandfather, GROUCH Onardo created. Pferd comes by & asks about the machine, to which RUMPEL tells him that it's a doubling machine & that he wants to be left in peace so he can test the machine; Pferd decides to hide nearby. RUMPEL puts a screw into the machine & sets it to "2 copies" & out of the machine come 2 screws. RUMPEL is delighted that now he can have twice as much JUNK. He leaves Karl Heinz at the funnel for the machine to go & fetch more JUNK.
Folge 2455 3
Pferd thinks it looks promising & wonders if it will work with carrots. He sets the carrot on the edge of the machine's funnel, sets the handle to "2 copies" & the machine starts. However, Pferd remembers that he did not put the carrot into the funnel & as he turns to the funnel he knocks Karl Heinz right into it, resulting in 2 identical copies of Karl Heinz resurfacing. Pferd can't figure out which brush is the real Karl Heinz, & decides to call Wolle for help. Wolle arrives quickly & after understanding the problem, he declares it a job for detective Wolle.
Folge 2455 4
Detective Wolle can't tell which one's the original Karl Heinz, so he decides to ask them. Unfortunately, he doesn't get an answer from the inanimate objects. Then Pferd notices that RUMPEL is on his way back, so they try to hide, along with the 2 copies of Karl Heinz. RUMPEL quickly notices them & asks what they were doing. Neither one can answer, as both have a brush in their mouths. RUMPEL notices that Karl Heinz is missing, & goes on a search for him.
Folge 2455 5
Wolle gets a new idea, RUMPEL will surely be able to identify the original Karl Heinz; however, Pferd is worried that RUMPEL will get angry. Just as RUMPEL is searching closer by the machine, Wolle & Pferd split up, each taking a Karl Heinz. Wolle places the one he has on the funnel just as RUMPEL returns. The GROUCH is happy to see Karl Heinz on the funnel, but notices the carrot on the funnel as well. Wolle can't explain it. Pferd turns around to see whats going on & RUMPEL is surprised that Karl Heinz has a visitor that he hadn't told RUMPEL about. Pferd admits that it's Karl Heinz's doppelganger. The happy GROUCH agrees for the doppelganger to stay, & as Wolle declares the case closed, RUMPEL multiplies hundreds of carrots as a thank you for Pferd.
Folge 2455 6
Lilly & Sofie, a pair of twins, talk about their differences.
Ernie & Bert small big
Ernie wants to talk about big and small, so naturally he recruits Bert to help. He suits him up with a hat too big for his head while Ernie wears one that's too small. Ernie picks up a tiny box and asks Bert to get the one off-screen which is so big that Bert has trouble carrying it. Finally, Bert wants to demonstrate small this time, so Ernie gives him a bite-sized cookie, only to walk away with an enormous cookie for himself.
Folge 2500 10
The Wörterfee asks Wolf vom Wörtersee for his help, it seems that the lake is loosing water, for the "lake stopper" is missing. Wolf tries to figure out what a stopper is. He finds a weird round thing on a chain near the lake, but since he doesn't know what it is, he just throws it away. With the help of his friends he tries to figure out how to stop the water. He decides that the right thing to do is to build a submarine. As the submarine is finished, he once again notices the weird round thing on a chain, & decides that it would make a great amulet for a submarine captain. However as he is about to put the submarine in the water, it falls a part. The Wörterfee re-appears & notices the stopper around Wolfs neck and thanks him for saving the lake.
Folge 2500 9
Cookie Monster fast & slow
Cookie Monster demonstrates fast & slow while eating cookies.
Connie the cow
Connie the Cow tries to find animals that are opposite of each other.

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