Plot Hot air balloon
Air date August 30th, 2009
Season 36
Folge 2498

Picture Segment Description
Folge 2498 1
Cold Opening
RUMPEL is putting the final touches on the hot air balloon he’s building, so he can use it to get to a GROUCH convention. He goes over to the store to see if he can find some food for the trip in Nils' refrigerator.
Sesamstrasse intro
Folge 2498 2
While RUMPEL is away, Nils comes by, wanting to ask him if he has any TRASH he wants to get rid of. Nils decides that RUMPEL would properly not miss a few of the worst looking items, so he puts a few things in the TRASH CAN among them are what Nils believes to be a old rag & a old basket, & he then hurries over to the TRASH truck. RUMPEL returns with his newly found supplies, to discover that his hot air balloon are missing. While RUMPEL searches for his air balloon, Nils walks by & RUMPEL asks him if he have seen his hot air balloon. Nils then realizes that it was the hot air balloon he just threw away. They hurry over to the TRASH truck to see if they can rescue the balloon.
Folge 2498 3
Just as they get to the truck, the basket are going in & gets crushed. The TRASH man then starts to sing a song about what people throw away & RUMPEL & Nils joins in. After the song Nils gets an idea, he hurries away with a old box.
Folge 2498 4
Nils starts to use a sewing machine, & shortly after he shows RUMPEL, that he made him a new hot air balloon. RUMPEL is excited now he can get to the GROUCH convention & he flies away.
Folge 2498 9
Bert asks Ernie why he's holding a umbrella when the sun shines. Ernie tells Bert that he needs the umbrella while RUMPEL takes off in the hot air balloon, as Bert is about to laugh at it he gets hit by TRASH falling from the sky. Ernie tells him that the TRASH is the basket that RUMPEL had to drop to gain altitude.
Folge 2498 5
Melvin & Sabrina build a music machine out of TRASH.
Folge 2418 10
A dice rolls a trumpet.
Folge 2498 7
Ernie asks Bert if know were the soup bowl would fit, Bert isn't sure what's going on. Ernie tells Bert that he dropped their glass with sweets, & now the sweets are in the breadbox, the bread are in the umbrella stand, & the umbrellas are in the TRASH CAN & the TRASH is in Bert’s straw hat. As Bert starts to yell at Ernie about what he should wear on his head when he takes his walk, Ernie suggest he use the soup bowl & places it on Bert’s head. As it drops from Bert’s head Bert chases Ernie off screen.
Folge 2488 9
A high speed movie of a car being disassembled.
Folge 2498 8
The Wolf vom Wörtersee drops some TRASH in the lake by accident, & the Wörterfee asks him if he knows who did it & he says no. As the Wörterfee suspect that Wolf is lying she tells him that liars are gonna get short legs. Wolf gets very worried that he will get short legs, he does what he can to get the TRASH out, but he just ends up with more stuff in the water. When the Wörterfee returns Wolf confess that it was him & pleads her not to give him short legs. She informs him that it's just something you say, Wolf are happy to keep his current legs.
Inventors 1
Bert & Ernies Great Adventures: Bert & Ernie are now the world’s greatest inventors, making their latest creation. They name their new robot Frankie & begin commanding it to do things, such as squeaking Ernie’s Duckie or yodeling. Bert makes him do something “useful” by making Frankie knit him some argyle socks. He leaves to get a pair as a visual aid, leaving Ernie alone with the robot. Frankie gets carried away with Ernie’s orders & makes a mess of the lab. Bert stops the madness by asking Frankie to “please stop.” He makes Ernie & Frankie clean up, then joins them in their clean-up dance.

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