Plot Search machine (2377 repeat)
Air date April 17th, 2011
Season 39
Folge 2377

Picture Segment Description
Folge 2583 1
Cold Opening
Wolle’s in a bathtub in the control room, when the boss tells him that the kids want to see Sesamstrasse. Wolle isn’t surprised of course they want to watch Sesamstrasse, but when should it start. The boss tells Wolle that it should begin now, Wolle quickly pushes the red button & slips down in the bathtub again.
Sesamstrasse intro
Folge 2377 1
Pferd are searching for some delicious carrots, when he overhears RUMPEL claiming that he's building the world's best search machine. Pferd hurries over to RUMPEL, to hear more about the machine. RUMPEL tells Pferd that the machine are able to find everything a GROUCH would want. Pferd is certain that the machine would also be able to find him some carrots then.
Folge 2377 3
Pferd asks the machine where his carrots are. RUMPEL tell Pferd to move out of the way so he can start his machine & he's excited to see what GROUCHY things it will find. The machine starts & right away it begins to collect various things from the ground, including Nils' new sneaker. RUMPEL’s happy he machine works.
Folge 2377

Folge 2377 4
Pferd are convinced that RUMPEL’s machine seeks the wrong things. Meanwhile RUMPEL is making a few adjustments to his machine. Nils tells RUMPEL to get his shoe out of the machine as he's in a hurry. Pferd tells RUMPEL that he thought the machine could find him some carrots as he is very hungry. He tells them that the machine are set to find old TRASH, all the things a GROUCH likes. Nils tells RUMPEL that his shoe was not old & starts to see if he can find a way to get his shoe out. Pferd decides to help Nils. RUMPEL tries to stop them but they pull the machine away. RUMPEL pulls a leaver & the machine starts to spray it's content over the entire street including Nils' shoe. Also it blows away some hay that was covering Pferd's carrots.
Folge 2580 1
5 dancers
Ernie Stops & Thinks
Ernie has trouble sleeping, so he decides to play his bugle to make himself sleepy. His bugle playing wakes up Bert, however, & Bert tells him to think before he plays the bugle, so Ernie decides to play his drums, but then Bert tells him to think before he does anything.
Folge 2519 7
Wolle has put on a tree costume, as his boss asks him to start the next segment. Wolle is having difficulties reaching the red button. Then he gets an idea, he yells "timber!" & as he falls down he hits the button.
Folge 2580 2
Kids talks about their bags.
Folge 2580 3
Kingston Livingston III talks about how everyone can dance different dances.
Mr. Sock
Ernie & Mr. Sock want to play with Bert.
(EKA: Folge 2377)

Folge 2580 4
Bert plays a computer game where he has to match socks.
(EKA: Folge 2377)

Folge 2580 6
Ernie plays "Ernie sings"
Folge 2580 5
Folge 2480 11
Reporter Wolle visits a circus.
Folge 2519 10
Wolle declares the day to be over & pushes the black button, all the lights in the control room go out, & he fumbles towards the door.

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