Plot Hot air balloon (2498 repeat)
Air date April 17th, 2011
Season 39
Folge 2498

Picture Segment Description
Folge 2583 1
Cold Opening
Wolle’s in a bathtub in the control room, when the boss tells him that the kids want to see Sesamstrasse. Wolle isn’t surprised of course they want to watch Sesamstrasse, but when should it start. The boss tells Wolle that it should begin now, Wolle quickly pushes the red button & slips down in the bathtub again.
Sesamstrasse intro
Folge 2498 1
Cold Opening
RUMPEL is putting the final touches on the hot air balloon he’s building, so he can use it to get to a GROUCH convention. He goes over to the store to see if he can find some food for the trip in Nils' refrigerator.
Sesamstrasse intro
Folge 2498 2
While RUMPEL is away, Nils comes by, wanting to ask him if he has any TRASH he wants to get rid of. Nils decides that RUMPEL would properly not miss a few of the worst looking items, so he puts a few things in the TRASH CAN among them are what Nils believes to be a old rag & a old basket, & he then hurries over to the TRASH truck. RUMPEL returns with his newly found supplies, to discover that his hot air balloon are missing. While RUMPEL searches for his air balloon, Nils walks by & RUMPEL asks him if he have seen his hot air balloon. Nils then realizes that it was the hot air balloon he just threw away. They hurry over to the TRASH truck to see if they can rescue the balloon.
Folge 2498 3
Just as they get to the truck, the basket are going in & gets crushed. The TRASH man then starts to sing a song about what people throw away & RUMPEL & Nils joins in. After the song Nils gets an idea, he hurries away with a old box.
Folge 2498 4
Nils starts to use a sewing machine, & shortly after he shows RUMPEL, that he made him a new hot air balloon. RUMPEL is excited now he can get to the GROUCH convention & he flies away.
Folge 2583 2
A fish wants to dance with the other fish but is pushed away.
Folge 2504 8
Ernie has lost his Rubber Duckie & he calls Bert whos out of town for help. As Ernie gets more upset he starts to jump up & down in the chair, & they can hear Rubber Duckie, Ernie notices the sound as well & looks under the cushion & finds the Duck. He runs off to play with Rubber Duckie, forgetting to hang up the phone.
Folge 2583 3
Wolle interrupts the boss as he are about to tell him to start the next segment, as Wolle is prepared for just that. Wolle releases the 1000kg wight that he has hung over the red button just for that.
Folge 2488 7
Pia & Hannah shows how their street prepares for a party.
Natasha's Lullabye
At night, Humphrey sings a lullaby to Natasha.
Ernie & Bert Pirates 1
Bert & Ernies Great Adventures: Ernie & Rubber Duckie are pirates, looking for treasure on the open sea. They come to an island, where a monkey steals their map, & they have to swap Bert’s clothes to get it back. They find a happy face, & dig up a treasure chest full of socks, which Bert finds exciting, but Ernie doesn't. Their lifeboat has floated away from the shore, so they use the treasure chest as a floating device & the socks as sails.
Folge 2583 4
Counting School
Count von Count holds a counting class in his castle, where he teaches students the different ways they can count. The kids are very enthusiastic, but the Count goes too far when he forgets to dismiss class as he counts the school bell’s rings.
Folge 2583 5
Wolle’s disguised himself as a rocket as he want to take off, the boss isn’t too sure about that. Rocket Wolle takes off, but breaks up as it hits the roof of the control room & Wolle lands on the controls. The boss asks if he is all right, Wolle replies that he is but he thinks they might have a open skylight now.

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