Glo Worm
DEBUT 2000

GLO WORM is SLIMEYs girlfriend; a WORM he met in the garden while he was playing. SLIMEY takes Glo WORM on a tour of SESAME STREET in EPISODE 3882. BIG BIRD carries them over to the Fix-It Shop where Maria has fixed his circus cannon. As a surprise, SLIMEY has arranged for them to be shot out of it together to get to Hooper's Store, but they overshoot their mark & end up into Baby Bears porridge.

All day long, the 2 WORMS are absolutely inseparable until GLO WORM gets a call. She's a volunteer firefighter, & has to go to work when the station receives a call. As the fire truck whisks her away, SLIMEY is tremendously sad to be without her. Alan & Baby Bear do their best to console him until GLO's return. To pass the time, SLIMEY draws a picture of he & GLO being shot out of the cannon together.

Finally, GLO returns, the 2 are reunited & SLIMEY is happy again.

GLO appears in episode 3984 when OSCAR helps her move into a mailbox at the Mail It Shop.

WASA sent GLO on a mission to the moon in episode 4142.




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