Goldilocks and the Three Grouches
Written by Nancy Christensen
Illustrator Joe Mathieu
Published 1987
Publisher Ideal Toys
Series BIG BIRD StoryMagic

Goldilocks & the Three GROUCHES is a SESAME STREET book retelling the story of "Goldilocks & the 3 Bears" with BIG BIRD, OSCAR THE GROUCH & Cookie Monster making up their own version. According to them, Goldilocks finds the little cabin, which is a dump, or a GROUCH haven! Goldilocks goes around cleaning & fixing everything, thinking that she is doing the residents a favor. When the residents appear, they are mad, cause they are GROUCHES.

The book was recorded for the BIG BIRD StoryMagic toy in 1987. OSCAR THE GROUCH & BIG BIRD are both voiced by CAROLL SPINNEY. Cookie Monster's voice is done by FRANK OZ. "Read a Little Every Day" & "You Better Stay Away From Me" are performed, both written by Dave Conner.

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