Gottfried Kramer

Gottfried Kramer

Gottfried Kramer (May 3rd 1925 - May 30th 1994) was a German voice actor who dubbed OSCAR THE GROUCH on Sesamstrasse (the German co-production of SESAME STREET) & Bruno on the German dub of Dog City.

A frequent player in German film & television, Kramer also had a bit part in George Seaton's The Counterfeit Traitor (1962), with William Holden. As a dubbing actor, Kramer was heard as Marlon Brando in The Godfather & Apocalypse Now, F. Murray Abraham in Amadeus & The Name of the Rose, & Charlton Heston in Almost an Angel. Kramer's other TV roles included Dabney Coleman on Columbo, K.I.T.T. on Knight Rider,& Ming the Merciless in the animated series Defenders of the Earth.

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