Rufus, so far, the only known resident of Grautschonia.
DEBUT 2005

Grautschonia is a distant GROUCH like planet in outer space where you are allowed to make noise all day long.

In Sesamstrasse (the German co-production of SESAME STREET) Folge 2289 (& later repeated as episode 2522), RUMPEL are making a lot of noise & Finchen asks him why he has to make so much noise. RUMPEL replies that its cause he is a GROUCH, he also says that he wished he lived on a different planet a planet where he could make all the noise he wanted & that planet would be called Grautschonia. Finchen says that she would love to see such a planet. Finchen calls on Rumpel & Karl Heinz as the rocket are ready for take off.

Finchen & Rumpel & Karl Heinz are getting closer to Grautschonia, they just passed the milky way.

Finchen isn't surprised of how the planet looks like after they landed on Grautschonia. Shortly after a alien stops them, it turns out to be a space GROUCH called Rufus & its his planet. Rumpel introduces himself as being an Earth GROUCH from Sesamstrasse. Rufus thinks Finchen is a funny looking GROUCH, so Finchen has to explain shes a snail. Rufus & Rumpel quickly agree that theres nothing better than loud noises.

Rufus & Rumpel sing a song about being a GROUCH & making noises. Rufus & Rumpel, after the song start to make various noises. Finchen begins to miss her leaf pile & she asks Rumpel if he wants to go back home. Rumpel thinks about it & realizes that if he stays there wont be any people to complain about the noise he makes, & then whats the point of making all the noise, so he decides to travel back with Finchen.

Back on Sesamstrasse Rumpel continues to throw things out of his rain barrel to make noise & Finchen once again asks him not to make that much noise & leaves. Rumpel is happy loud noises needed to be heard by other people in order to be fun.



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