Grouch Delivery Man
DEBUT 2010

This GROUCH Delivery Man appears in SESAME STREET EPISODE 4237. He is seen bringing a stinky fish bouquet (with extra stink) to OSCAR THE GROUCH, which OSCAR orders as a GROUCHY MOTHERs Day present for his MOTHER who would be coming to SESAME STREET to visit her SON for the holiday.

At the beginning of the episode, Gordon welcomes the viewer & the delivery man shows up then asks Gordon if he ordered a stinky fish bouquet, by which Gordon is absolutely disgusted. OSCAR suddenly shows up & asks the delivery man if Gordon looks like a GROUCH to him, to which the delivery man just said "Well...", but OSCAR takes the bouquet & says "Hey never mind that, it's about time ya got here. Now GET LOST!" Looking shocked, the delivery man says "What about my tip?" & OSCAR comes back with "Ill give ya a tip! Scram!!" to which the delivery man says "Ahh, the worst tip I got all day!" before storming off.



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