Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy
The Drab Five.
DEBUT 2005

GROUCH Eye for the Nice Guy is a segment that spoofs the very famous TV series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". It 1st appeared in Season 36 of SESAME STREET & featured the "Drab Five" led by OSCAR THE GROUCH. In 1 segment they give Bob a GROUCHY makeover to his protest. Hes so upset, that he gets really GROUCHY & mad at OSCAR & the other GROUCHES. After a moment of venting which lends credit to the nature of the makeover, Bob starts to realize something: it's good to let go of your GROUCHY feelings sometimes. This, in turn, spells defeat for the Drab Five. The Drab Fab deem him a "lost cause" & make their escape.





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