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OSCAR THE GROUCHs niece IRVINE has come down w/ the the Grouch Flu

The GROUCH Flu is a disease GROUCHES come down with. You can tell a GROUCH has come with the GROUCH Flu if they just don't feel like acting like their normal grouchy selves, & if they start giving hugs & kisses.

OSCAR THE GROUCHs niece IRVINE tragically came down w/ the Grouch Flu once in SESAME STREET EPISODE 2630. At the episode starts, OSCAR is worried, as IRVINE wont say "bleah". Bob doesn't think anything is wrong with her: she is smiling, & laughing, & she gives him a kiss. He then suggests that she just doesn't feel like being GROUCHY--maybe she woke up on the right side of the bed. Oscar, however, recognizes the symptoms of the GROUCH Flu. He calls Dr. Kvetch who says she should rest, drink fluids, & stay away from nice people. Oscar tells Bob to GET LOST.

To put Irvine back in a GROUCHY mood OSCAR reads her the story of "Snow GROUCH & the Seven Dwarfs". The story has absolutely no effect, however, & she kisses OSCAR again.

Over at Hooper,, Store, Gina, Linda, & the kids make IRVINE a GROUCH soup that includes onions, mustard, sardines, peanut butter, pickles, chocolate syrup, & vinegar. The kids learn the signs for the foods. OSCAR comes to get the soup cause he could smell something good cooking. He tells them he doesn't even appreciate it, but they know he does.

Bob asks OSCAR how IRVINE is feeling. She is eating the Grouch soup, & is back to saying "bleah" Bob credits her quick recovery to OSCARs care. Oscar tells him to scram--w/ all his nice talk, he's making OSCAR sick. OSCAR says that on 2nd thought, he'd like Bob to keep him company. Only now OSCAR has the Grouch Flu & doesn't like it 1 bit.

Later on that day, Gina, Linda, & the kids stop by OSCARs TRASH CAN to see how he's doing. Oscar says he is very happy & he hates it, especially when he asks Linda for a hug. He calls Dr. Kvetch, who tells everyone to leave Oscar alone. Oscar hugs him, then asks for help. Instead of helping OSCAR, Dr. Kvetch fears for his own safety & runs off to avoid catching the Flu from OSCAR.

When the episode ends OSCAR continues to be nice as he announces the sponsors "SESAME STREET has been brought to you today by the darling little letters A & M, & by the wonderful number 20. Heh heh...Yuck!"



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