Oscar's Trashy Songs
DEBUT 1990

GROUCHelot is a loose parody of the very famous but fictional place Camelot. A SESAME STREET song thats sung by OSCAR THE GROUCH as well as GRUNDGETTA, Stephen J. Grouch & Telly Monster describes the location with very GROUCHY details.

OSCAR THE GROUCH tells the story of King Complainsalot & the Knights of the Broken Table to Telly Monster as well as the GROUCHketeers. In the story, Telly plays a monster (Worriesalot) who wants to join King Complainsalot's (OSCAR) band of GROUCHES known as the Knights of the Broken Table. But 1st, he must pass 3 tests, including singing a song with GRUNDGETTA & finding the Holy Pail. Finally, they all sing an ode to "GROUCHelot".





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