UNWelcome to the GROUCHES Wiki!!

GROUCHES Wiki is a site completely dedicated to GROUCHES everywhere. Anybody can edit it.

About the GROUCHES Wiki

This Wiki was both created & founded by Jayden Matthews. He along w/ both GROUCHMan & Station7 are also the administrators here. This entire Wiki is about the GROUCHES of SESAME STREET, & from all over the world. As of right now, we have 1,248 pages! Anybody may edit it, as long as the information that they give is all GROUCH related. Anybody breaking any of these rules, (such as, no pornography, vandalism or completely false information, no uploading pornographic images, etc.) shall just simply be told to..GET LOST (meaning be blocked temporarily or, if necessary, infinitely, which means no 2nd chances)!! So follow all the rules & you won't be blocked.

ROTTEN National GROUCH Day to all my fellow GROUCHES around the world!! Heh heh heh heh!!

Grouches NA

The GROUCHES sing the GROUCH Anthem on National GROUCH Day.

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