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John W Weidman

John W Weidman (born September 25th, 1946) is a playwright & president of the Dramatists Guild of America who has been a writer for SESAME STREET since 1986.

The son of veteran Broadway "book" author Jerome Weidman, Weidman is a graduate of Yale law school & served as editor of The National Lampoon. In 1976, he wrote the book for the musical Pacific Overtures (1976), netting a Tony Award nomination & in 1987, he wrote a completely new book for the revival of Anything Goes. Subsequent Broadway credits included books for the musical version of Big, Contact, & Assassins & Bounce (the latter 2 both with music by Stephen Sondheim).

During a 1999 event at Lincoln Center, Weidman spoke of his work on SESAME STREET: "I had a friend who wrote for the show & I called him up & said "how do you do this?" & he said, "well, there's an audition process". So I went through that process, & I became 1 of the dozen people who write scripts for SESAME STREET. & when my kids were small, it was particularly satisfying, because I would take them to the set. & they would meet the was great!

& I have continued to do it, depending on how much time I have. In part because I enjoy it. But also because I feel like it is honest work; it pleases me to do it. A lot of what people who work in the theater do or have to do to support themselves is not so great. You know, I feel like that's something I sort of fell into & I feel like it's honorable work. & I've enjoyed continuing to do it. & it's right across the street. Which helps, too."[1]


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