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Let a Frown Be Your Umbrella
Music by Sammy Fain
Lyrics by Irving Kahal
Francis Wheler
Date 1927
Publisher Mills Music, Inc.
Rytvoc, Inc.

"Let a FROWN Be Your Umbrella" is sung by both OSCAR THE GROUCH & Farley, based on the 1927 hit, "Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella", written by Kahal, Wheler & Fain (see box). As the song opens, Farley is singing the original lyrics, about how you can cheer yourself up on a RAINY day by smiling. OSCAR then sings his own lyrics about how he'd rather FROWN on a RAINY day, cause he likes to feel ROTTEN.


No songwriter credit is given for the new GROUCH-related lyrics.






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