Mark Saltzman

Mark Saltzman.

Mark Saltzman wrote for SESAME STREET from 1981 to 1990 (including lyrics for such songs as "Caribbean Amphibian", "A New Way to Walk" & others), & was on the writing staff for the MuppetTelevision segments of The JIM HENSON Hour.

Saltzman was also the co-writer of the stage show The Muppet Show On Tour along with Fred Newman. As a print writer & journalist, he contributed to Muppet Magazine, including several Mondo Muppet features & Fozzies interview with Henry Winkler in the Fall 1983 issue, as well as the 1984 Fraggle Rock book No One Knows Where Gobo Goes. He also scripted KERMIT THE FROGs appearance on Reading RAINBOW.

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"Caribbean Amphibian"

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