Mark Saltzman

Mark Saltzman.

Mark Saltzman (b. August 16) is a writer for television, film, & stage productions whose career with SESAME STREET began in 1981 .

Over the years, he has written scripts for episodes of the show, lyrics for several songs including "Caribbean AMPHIBIAN", "A New Way to Walk". & others, & wrote the 1994 TV special SESAME STREET All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars & STREET Forever!. He has also contributed scripts for some SESAME STREET co-productions, including the first five Shalom SESAME shows & The Furchester Hotel episode "The Counts Vacation" in 2016.

For the Muppets, Saltzman contributed to Muppet Magazine, including several Mondo Muppet features & Fozzies interview with Henry Winkler in the Fall 1983 issue. Saltzman was also the co-writer of the stage show The Muppet Show On Tour along with Fred Newman, & served on the writing staff for the MuppetTelevision segments of The JIM HENSON Hour.

He also scripted KERMIT THE FROGs appearance on Reading RAINBOW & wrote the 1984 Fraggle Rock book No One Knows Where Gobo Goes.

His other writing credits include The Adventures of Milo & Otis (narrated by Dudley Moore), 3 Ninjas Kick Back, & the 1995 family film Napoleon about a puppys adventures in the Australian Outback. He also wrote the 1996 TV movie Mrs. Santa Claus (with Angela Lansbury in the title role, Michael Jeter, & Charles Durning as Santa Claus).

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Saltzmans scripts for SESAME STREET include:[1]



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