Moishe Oofnik's School of Health Title
Moishe Oofnik's School of Health

"Moishe Oofniks School of Health" is a series of public service announcement shorts produce by Hop in cooperation with the Ministry of Health Israel for Children's Health Week on March 2012.

The shorts features the Muppet characters from Rechov Sumsum as they attend a school leaded by Moishe Oofnik. Moishe tells his students (Manboub, Sivan, Abigail, & Elmo) on how to improve their healthy lifestyle that is suitable for Oofniks. At the end of class, the students find their own solution to improve their healthy lifestyle than what Moishe had taught them.

The goal for these shorts were to show the important values ​​of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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