Mordicus large
MORDICUS sitting peacefully in his TRASH CAN

as he enjoys being alone
DEBUT 1978

MORDICUS' TRASH CAN is, of course, the private residence of MORDICUS, the GROUCH on 1, Rue SÉSAME, the 1st French co-production of SESAME STREET. Exactly like OSCAR THE GROUCH's TRASH CAN on SESAME STREET, it also contains (probably) hundreds of mounds of TRASH, as GROUCHES, like MORDICUS love their precious TRASH more than anything else in the world.

Also, like OSCAR's TRASH CAN, the inside of MORDICUS's TRASH CAN serves as a home many of MORDICUS's other beloved treasures.

Most of the nice residents from 1, Rue SÉSAME choose not to ever go into MORDICUS's TRASH CAN, most likely cause they don't trust whatever could be down there.



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