Kermit & Oscar
DEBUT ca. 1980s

Mr. Greasemonkey is a friend of OSCAR THE GROUCHs, who apparently works for the Department of GROUCH Transportation. Mr. Greasemonkey, so far, has made only a single appearance on SESAME STREET (episode UNknown)

GROUCHES install a bus stop in the middle of Kermit the Frogs home. Kermit begs OSCAR to take the bus stop sign back but OSCAR had no power over it. He did, however, ask Kermit how he actually managed to get the sign in his house, cause, apparently, OSCAR, for months, had been trying to get the bus stop sign in his TRASH CAN.

Eventually, more GROUCHES also saw the bus stop sign, & eventually, a bus came crashin right through Kermits living room wall filled with other passenger GROUCHES, includin OSCARs girlfriend, GRUNDGETTA.




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