No Cookies 'Til Dinner
Written by David Korr
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1987
Publisher Ideal Toys
Series BIG BIRD StoryMagic

NO Cookies 'Til Dinner is a 1987 SESAME STREET storybook featuring Cookie Monster, published by Ideal Toys for the "BIG BIRD StoryMagic" toy set.

Cookie Monster buys some cookies for dinner, but starts craving them earlier, & asks BIG BIRD to hold them for him until Dinner. BIG BIRD refuses, because he knows that Cookie Monster will keep begging & trying to trick him into giving them to him until he gives in. OSCAR THE GROUCH eventually agrees to hold them, telling BIG BIRD that he LOVES to say "NO". Cookie Monster tries to trick OSCAR with a variety of disguises, but OSCAR doesnt fall for any of them.

FRANK OZ recorded the voice of Cookie Monster, & CAROLL SPINNEY the voices of BIG BIRD & OSCAR THE GROUCH, for the accompanying cassette tape. BIG BIRD, on the tape, sings "He Loves His Cookies", & OSCAR sings "I LOVE to Say NO", both by Dave Conner.

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