Ol' Number 9
Music by Joe Raposo
Lyrics by Tom Dunsmuir
Date 1983
Publisher SESAME STREET Inc.
Jonico Music Inc.

"Ol' Number Nine " is a SESAME STREET song by GRUNDGETTA. Gordon finds her outside the Fix-It Shop, waiting for the "Ol' Number Nine". He assumes she's talking about the bus, but tells her no Number Nine bus passes their STREET. The vehicle arrives, which is revealed to by a shoddy Number Nine that takes her down theSTREET as she sings, eventually passing OSCARs TRASH CAN.





If you've got the urge to travel
& you want an awful trip
Well I've got the perfect Number
OK, boys, let 'er rip!

Old Number Nine
Got me feelin' fine
Ridin' down the line
On broken down Number Nine

Oh it hasn't got a bathroom
& it hasn't any heat
It's bumpy & it's smoky
& it makes my life complete!!

Old Number Nine
Yes we're feelin' fine
Ridin' down the line
On crummy old Number Nine

Oh they say we may not make it
We're already 9 days late
But this number's givin' all it's got
& ya see it's really great

Old Number Nine
Yes we're feelin' fine
Ridin' down the line
On squeaky old Number Nine

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