DEBUT 1993

"Oprah GROUCHY" is a GROUCH talk show hosted by a GROUCH of the same name. The talk show, like its host, is a spoof of the famous Oprah Winfrey talk show.

The show, like its host, is only mentioned once by SALLY MESSY YUCKYAEL in EPISODE 3120 after OSCAR THE GROUCH told her that he gave a kitten that he found some milk! SALLY replied by saying, "I didn't think things would get this horrible right away. Heh! Ya don't see stuff like this on Oprah GROUCHY!" After the show when OSCAR is cured of his kitten problem, the humans who watched the show, Maria, Savion & Mr. Handford were debating on whether Sally was Grouchier than Oprah or not.



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