Oscar's Grouchy Day 1
Written by Liza Alexander
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1991
Publisher Golden Books
Series Golden Story Book 'n' Tape Series
ISBN 0307141683

OSCARs GROUCHY Day is a 1991 SESAME STREET storybook featuring OSCAR THE GROUCH.

1 day OSCAR THE GROUCH awakens & emerges from his TRASH CAN to find a sunny beautiful day on SESAME STREET! Biff & Sully are seen cutting some wood, whistling while they work.

Bert & Ernie are seen sweeping dust from the stoop of 123 SESAME STREET, then Grover, from the top floor shakes a dusty rug out the window.

OSCAR starts searching through his TRASH CAN, until he finds his old GROUCH home videos, which he watches on a TV from inside his TRASH CAN.

At the end of the story a rainstorm begins on SESAME STREET. OSCAR starts taping the storm with his camera. So the day really has turned out to be OSCARs GROUCHY Day after all.

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