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OSCARs Subtraction Show is a game show made up by OSCAR THE GROUCH that he shows off at his very own TRASH CAN on SESAME STREET. So far, the game show has only appeared once, in SESAME STREET EPISODE 2571.

As the episode begins, David & Maria w/ Hiroshi, & Shalon notice a sign on OSCARs TRASH CAN that reads "OSCARs Subtraction Show". He has 4 chairs set up outside it, & tells them all to sit down as his game show begins. Everyone is skeptical at 1st, but Hiroshi persuades them to give it a try. While they sit in the chairs, Oscar plays bagpipes off-key, which bothers Maria & David so much that they walk away, leaving Hiroshi & Shalon, which, as he points out, is subtraction. Hiroshi applauds upon understanding what just happened, & compliments him on his creativity, especially when he sees the 4 chairs w/ 0 people in them. OSCAR goes back into his TRASH CAN to play his bagpipes.




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