Oscar's Trashcan Tour 1
Written by Lee Howard
Illustrator Jeff Albrecht Studios
Published 2007
Publisher Paradise Press
Series Pop-Up Places
ISBN 141942153

OSCARs TRASHCAN Tour is a SESAME STREET pop-up book published by Paradise Press as part of a set of 4 "Pop-Up Places" books.

In the book, OSCAR THE GROUCH takes SLIMEY on a tour of the TRASH CANS on SESAME STREET, to see what everyones throwing away. He later sees that BIG BIRD is reusing string, paper & bark to fix his NEST up. He also spots a recycling bin a bit further on down the STREET.

At the end of the day, OSCAR decides there's no TRASH just like the JUNK in his own TRASH CAN, & so he & SLIMEY settle down to a contented sleep.

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