Phillip Namanworth

Phillip Namanworth (b. 1945) is a composer & keyboardist who holds a degree in music from CUNY. His compositions include a rock ballet entitled Caviar; scores & cues for films including Heart of Dixie, Long Gone, The Carolyn Warmus Story, Looking for an Echo & Hairspray; & songs for Saturday Night Live & Nickelodeon's Rugrats. He played keyboards on the original Broadway productions of Superstar & The Rocky Picture Horror Show, & on tour with musicians such as Dave Von Ronk & Roberta Flack.

His SESAME STREET composing credits include "Upside Down, Inside Out", "Beautiful Baby", the "GARBAGEman's Blues Song", "Somos Hermanos", "Do YOU Like ME?" & all the songs on the album Fair Is Fair.

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