Grouches in the South of France
  CAROLL SPINNEY (Muppeteer)
DEBUT 1989

Professor Piggins is a GROUCH seen once on SESAME STREET. A parody of Professor Henry Higgins, the speaking teacher from My Fair Lady, Professor Piggins is played by OSCAR THE GROUCH.

OSCAR's girlfriend GRUNDGETTA is getting voice lessons from TRASHa (a GROUCHY fish seller played by Tracey Ullman) & learning how to speak GROUCHier. TRASHa recalls how her voice became that way - she received lessons from Professor Piggins (played by a Cockney OSCAR), who sings her the song "GROUCHES in the South of France".

The song parodies "The Rain in Spain" from My Fair Lady, which was later parodied as "The Pig is Big" in episode 4081.




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