Rhubarb the Grouch
DEBUT 2006
DESIGN Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio (animator)
Rhubarb the Grouch visits Oscar the Grouch

Rhubarb the GROUCH is the GROUCH of Christmas Past in the 2006 special A SESAME STREET Christmas Carol. Rhubarb is considered "GROUCH royalty" for his accomplishments in London, 1843 (the year A Christmas Carol was published). Rhubarb is clad in chains, almost completely reminiscent of Jacob & Robert Marley from The Muppet Christmas Carol. However, Rhubarb is neither repentant nor tortured, & just enjoys his GROUCHY chat with OSCAR. Christmas visitation is also, apparently, only his temp job, in fact, as normally he haunts Her Majesty's WASTEpaper bin.




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