Ricardo Mendoza

Ricardo Mendoza

Ricardo Mendoza is a Mexican voice actor who has dubbed OSCAR THE GROUCH & Baby Bear on Plaza SÉSAMO, Rositas dad Ricardo in the resource video Talk, Listen, Connect: Changes, & Easy Pete in Muppets en la Isla del Tesoro (Muppet Treasure Island).

Mendoza has dubbed such actors as Sean Hayes in The Cat in the Hat & Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Luke Wilson in Old School, Jason Lee in Stealing Harvard & Alvin & the Chipmunks, Paul Rudd on Friends, Carl Lumbly on Alias, & Ashton Kutcher on That 70's Show.

Animation roles include Courage the Cowardly Dog, Raphael in TMNT, Melman in Madagascar, Grendel in Beowulf, Devon in Quest for Camelot, Harry Osborne & Venom in Spider-Man, & Mr. Hankey on South Park. On camera, Mendoza has appeared in occasional bit parts on Eugenio Derbez' comedy series XHDRrbz & on the sitcom Vecinos, usually as policemen.

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