Richard Kind

Richard Kind on SESAME STREET w/ Snuffy & Big Bird.

Richard Bruce Kind[1] (b. 1956) is a comic character actor on stage as well as film & TV, known for such sitcom roles as Mark Devanow on Mad About You & Paul Lassiter on Spin City.

Kind guest starred on SESAME STREET as the Fairy Balloon Person in episode 4088. For the Healthy Moment preceding the episode, he appeared with Snuffy to explain how covering your mouth when coughing & covering your nose or snuffle when sneezing can prevent germs from spreading. He also appeared in EPISODE 4324 as Mr. Disgracey. He also portrayed the jury foreman in the Creature Shop-effects film The Producers (having played Max Bialystock for a time in the Broadway version).

Kind has supplied voices for the Pixar films A Bug's Life, Cars, Toy Story 3, & Cars 2.




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