Robert Oksner

Robert Oksner (d. 2017) was a staff writer for SESAME STREET, submitting ideas during early development & receiving credit for Season 2 & Season 3. During this time, he created the character of Simon Soundman. With a background in advertising, Oksner was also Editor-in-Chief of School & Day Care Center Materials for Children's Television Workshops SESAME STREET Magazine, beginning c. 1973.

Oksner contributed to SESAME STREET storybooks, notably 3 thematically connected tales for The SESAME STREET Bedtime Storybook (1978): "OSCAR Has a Bad Dream", Cookie Monster Has a Bad Dream", & "The Count Has a Bad Dream". These stories were later reprinted in The SESAME STREET Treasury series. He later wrote for the Saturday morning series Drawing Power.


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