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IRVINE with her Rubber YUCKY
DEBUT 1998
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Rubber YUCKY is a bath toy GROUCHES use. It has only made 1 known appearance in SESAME STREET EPISODE 3811.

As the episode starts, OSCAR THE GROUCHs niece IRVINE actually wants to take a bath after she & OSCAR both listen to FLUFFY in OSCARs TRASH CAN takin' a bath. OSCAR says he likes it when FLUFFY takes a bath, cause when shes finished, his TRASH CAN is gonna be a mess.

Just as OSCAR & Gordon think IRVINE doesnt want to take a bath anymore, Ernie suddenly shows up to give IRVINE a few bath toys, including a not-so-fluffy bath towel & a "Rubber YUCKY" which makes a really dreadful sound. IRVINE wants to take a bath more than ever now, & OSCAR laments, "I guess I have to show her more happy campers splashing around & getting clean..."

Rubber YUCKY is a very obvious GROUCH like parody of Ernies most loved, prized possession, his RUbber DUckie.



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