Sally Jessy Raphael

Sally Jessy Raphael (b. 1935) is a TV personality who served as host of an eponymous, syndicated TV talk show from 1983 until 2002 & currently hosts the radio series Sally JR's Open House.

Raphael appeared on SESAME STREET participating in the celebrity version of A New Way to Walk, & in a cameo on the Aliens in the Family episode "Dissected & Neglected".

Raphael has been spoofed several times by the Muppets. GROUCH talk show host SALLY MESSY YUCKYAEL appeared on SESAME STREET in EPISODE 3120, EPISODE 3486, EPISODE 3519, & EPISODE 3763, & a bespectacled dinosaur host named "Sally" appeared in the Dinosaurs episode "Out of the Frying Pan".

Other cameos include the films The Addams Family, The Associate (with Whoopi Goldberg), & She-Devil (with MERYL STREEP), & the TV show Hollywood Squares, TV Funhouse (with Robert Smigel), & The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

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