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DEBUT 1993

SALLY MESSY YUCKYAEL is a GROUCH who hosts a talk show of the same name. She is a parody of talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael.

Sallys talk show lets GROUCHES vent out any problems that they've had that make them seem UN-grouchy (& get hissed at by the equally grouchy audience). Needless to say, she's not very helpful in comforting her guests (she is a Grouch after all), but there isn't a problem she can't solve.

OSCAR THE GROUCH is actually the most frequent guest for her show. Among his reasons for being on the show are taking care of a lost kitten in EPISODE 3120 & falling in love with GRUNDGETTA in EPISODE 3519. She solved OSCARs kitten problem by getting him another kitten. He asks her why she did this to him & she tells him that she did this to make him so angry he just wouldn't miss Bootsy (the kitten) any longer, which worked immediately. Some other guests include Baby Bear & Goldilocks in EPISODE 3486.

Sally has also mentioned her fellow Grouch talk show host, Oprah GROUCHY in the middle of EPISODE 3120. After hearing Oscar the Grouch confess to giving a lost kitten that he found hangin around his TRASH CAN some milk immediately, Sally said "I didn't think things would get this horrible right away. Heh! Ya don't see stuff like this on Oprah Grouchy!" After the show when Oscar is cured of his kitten problem, the humans who watched the show, Maria, Savion & Mr. Handford were debating on whether Sally was Grouchier than Oprah or not.




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