Folge 2330
DEBUT 2006

The Schrottelfee (JUNK Fairy) appeared on Sesamstrasse in episode 2330.

JUNKfairies are creatures that reward a good JUNK garden. Its considered a great honor for any GROUCH to have one living in their garden. Also a fairy are able to reward a good garden with points & a 5 point garden are the same as a high ranking hotel.

The fairy that came to RUMPELs garden was named Schrottilde, at first RUMPEL was VERY excited, since his JUNK garden could end up becoming famous, however it turns out that a JUNK Fairies are VERY loud, so Nils had a hard time sleeping, & very strict about JUNK that are to shiny to be JUNK, so RUMPEL had to work hard to keep her happy.



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