Sharon Lerner poses with Ernie cutout

Sharon Lerner with a cardboard cutout of Ernie.

Cookie Monster Unusual

Sharon Lerner, as depicted in The SESAME STREET Dictionary.

Sharon Lerner is an author, producer, lyricist & writer. She also served as CTW VP & Creative Director for all SESAME STREET toys, books & records for 10 years.

Lerner was 1 of the 1st 10 people hired at CTW, originally as an educator & researcher & eventually joining the products group to create SESAME STREET products.

Lerner was immortalized in The SESAME STREET Dictionary under the entry for "unusual", as drawn by Joe Mathieu. She is the author of many SESAME STREET Books, including BIG BIRD's Busy Book (1975), BIG BIRD's Copycat Day (1984), BIG BIRD Says...A Game to Read & Play (1985) & Follow the Monsters! (1985).

Lerner currently writes children's books for Random House, including a 2009 retelling of Black Beauty. Lerner also writes political satire songs with Emily Kingsley for a cabaret in New York City.


Follow the Monsters!
Big Bird Says...



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