Sesame Street Skunk
DEBUT 2010

A Skunk appeared on SESAME STREET as a GROUCHY MOTHER's Day gift for MRS. GROUCH from her daughter BUNNY in EPISODE 4237. The skunk's odor was also bottled in a spray used by Bob when he dressed as a GROUCH with Gordon & Chris.

A new skunk puppet debuted in season 43 for the Elmo the Musical segment, "Guacamole the Musical." The puppet later appeared in a "Word of the Day"segment with Troy Polamalu in episode 4403 (played by MATT VOGEL), EPISODE 4514 & as "Mr. Smellsalot" in The Furchester Hotel episode "Skunks Welcome."

The original puppet is a refurbished version of Stinky the Skunk with Muppet eyes.




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