Slimey 1
  Dick Maitland (voice)
DEBUT 1971

SLIMEY is OSCAR THE GROUCHs pet worm on SESAME STREET. SLIMEY was a silent character originally, who communicated w/ squeaks & gestures. In recent years, he developed a voice, provided by Dick Maitland (which is digitally manipulated in post-production to achieve a higher pitch). SLIMEY shows skill at playing the tuba & clarinet, & has the distinction of being the 1st WORM on the Moon.

Slimey's earliest known appearance is in a season 2 episode in which OSCAR enters SLIMEY in a SESAME STREET Pet Show.[1] A study done in 1971 by Children's Television Workshop's research department reviewed children's responses to this episode, & specifically noted that the children "were attentive, responsive, & loved SLIMEY, the WORM."[sic][2]

In another early episode, OSCAR accidentally locked himself outta his own TRASH CAN. Tom suggests he just saw the lock off, but then the new lock that would be ruined. Luis then offers to pry the lid off w/ his crowbar, but then would dent the lid would be dent. OSCAR is eventually saved when his pet WORM SLIMEY slithers the key out through the crack between the TRASH CAN & lid.[3]

SLIMEYs family consists of his sister SLOPPY, as well as their parents DUSTY & EARTHA, & their cousins SQUIRMY & RACHEL. SLOPPY is referred to as "STELLA" in episode 2123. In EPISODE 4175, SLIMEY got a pet bug named Dirty.

SLIMEY enjoys having chapters of "TRASH Gordon" read to him before he goes to bed at night. He loves all kinds of books.[4]

The very 1st time SLIMEY & OSCAR met was when OSCAR went to the park on a rainy day to see the MUD puddles & found a MUD puddle w/ a lot of WORMS playing in it. He then saw a baby WORM play all by himself, who then saw OSCAR & crawled up his shoulder, upon which he then fell asleep. OSCAR took the WORM back to his TRASH CAN & named him SLIMEY. This segment can be viewed on (

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