4134 a
Date ca. 2006
Publisher SESAME STREET Inc.

"Sloppy Jalopy" is a SESAME STREET song from EPISODE 4134.

As the episode begins, OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA are heading off to the Nasty Car Races. They sing "SLOPPY JALOPY". They try to drive off at the end of the song, but, just as expected, the car just wont start. GRUNDGETTA cant get the car to start, so Luis & Maria offer to help.

OSCAR doesnt want to cooperate, but then agrees when he realizes that otherwise they wont make it to the race. Luis is skeptical, but Maria goes over to the library & gets a book: "How to Gunk Up a Sloppy Jalopy & Make It Run Again." They add anchovy syrup to the engine, but it doesnt help - although it does cover Luis & Maria with syrup. Luis thinks that it will take magic to get the JALOPY working again.

Abby Cadabby arrives & OSCAR suggests that she wave her wand & fix the car. Using her magic word (allerednic! - Cinderella backwards) she turns the jalopy into a pumpkin - OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA are not pleased. Abby uses her wand to call her mommy, who gives her a new spell which turns the JALOPY back again. The car still wont start, but Abby disappears.

Gina & Marco come by & Marco throws his juice bottleat the car - which makes it start right away. Just then another GROUCH arrives to give OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA the trophy for the race. Since the JALOPY never even moved, according to GROUCH rules that means they won first place.



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